Divorce & Mortgage

If you’re going through or thinking about starting a divorce, then there’s a few things you should know about your finances and your mortgage that your divorce attorney – or even your CPA or financial advisor – probably won’t tell you. Why not? Because he or she doesn’t know about: credit, mortgages, real estate, or insurance. That’s why I’ve put together this little eBook to help you avoid some of the financial mistakes divorcing couples often make. Implementing just one of these strategies could save you thousands of dollars in the future!

  • Will divorce affect my credit?
  • How can I get my name/my spouse’s name off the mortgage?
  • Mortgage refinancing – what do I need to know?
  • Should I insure my divorce settlement?
  • And lots more…

I’m offering it free, gratis, and for nothing, if you don’t mind just giving me your name and email: