Tony Lacy-Thompson

Phone: (408) 834-7504


I’ve been in the mortgage business since 2005, and working for Shashank Shekhar at Arcus Lending since 2011. Shashank is one of the best and most popular mortgage brokers in the Bay Area – no – in the country! And if you work with me you get the full benefit of Shashank’s knowledge and influence with lenders, and the help of the whole Arcus Lending team.

On a personal level, I moved out here in 1993 from the UK for a hi-tech marketing job. Still have the accent (accent? what accent?). Dragged the family with me and the kids are growed up but still living at home! Decided to turn my hand to the mortgage business after the first tech bust early 2000’s and I enjoy the challenge of helping people with their home mortgage and finance needs, be it a home purchase or a refinance for a better rate, cash out, or whatever. It certainly is more of a challenge now than it was when I started!

Having a marketing background I also enjoy helping Realtors with their marketing needs be it Facebook, LinkedIn, video marketing, QR codes…whatever. My Realtor friends are my partners, and partners help each other out.

I love playing tennis but don’t get to play often enough (OK, 2-3 times a week…). I also love playing guitar in my blues/rock/soul band Serious Condition. Check us out sometime at I do a bit of guitar teaching on the side as well.

Looking forward to working with you.

Tony Lacy-Thompson
Sunnyvale, CA 94087